Our tickets are purchased and our bags are packed.  We fly to Vienna to begin the adventure within our adventure on August 11, 2014.  We'd intended to be gone by now, but due to red tape issues with the FBI our plans were slightly delayed.  We appreciate your prayers and encouragement--now we know what it is to be prayed out of limbo!  We take great satisfaction in the knowledge that bureaucracy is among the penultimate enemies to be destroyed at Jesus' appearing (see 1 Cor. 15:24-26 for fun).  But he works all things... and he's affording us a longer kiss goodbye to the precious flock in Robert Lee, our friends and family.  God willing, we're fully hoping to arrive Bratislava by the first week or so of August.  We've sold and given away all but a few articles and heirlooms we intend to store and six-suitcases of stuff to take overseas.  It's good to learn contentment with detachment, but it's a discipline unpleasant at the time.  I don't say to register with you some ascetic accomplishment for which I take pride, but because it's just true.  We--I'm speaking of the church of God--really are fools for Christ's sake, aren't we?  If in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself... put it this way: if God hadn't become a particular human being at a particular moment in history, maybe we particular human beings could find satisfaction at our particular places in history worshipping the idols of self-sufficiency and security.  But he wouldn't have it, for he knows we shouldn't have what we weren't made for.  Man was made for adventure. Christology is anthropology. - J