Dear brothers and sisters,

We're just over a month into our new phase of work in Slovakia in Košice. The city is getting all primped and preened to host this weekend's annual Peace Marathon, the second oldest in all of Europe. Foreigners of every stripe and in the thousands are pouring into town. Add to it the gorgeous fall weather, it's an exciting week! 

What's new with the Arnolds in Slovakia? It's safe to say that the church here in Košice has welcomed us with open arms; we have already had cookouts and get-togethers with them all. We've got a week's worth of English Bible students lined up, and we're making new friends by the day. Among them are a policeman, a firefighter, a businessman, a video game concept artist, a computer programmer, and two retirees who are wanting to learn English so they can communicate better with their grandchildren who live in Canada. Additionally, the church is ramping up for a new evangelistic outreach program beginning weekly at the end of this month that we're calling Family Fridays. The ladies will be doing demo cooking classes, the kids will have an English language Bible lesson and activity, and the men will teach the kids a new craft activity and lead a devotional. One of young boys in the church was so excited about that five new families, including his school teacher's, have RSVP'd at his invitation.