A tiny kaplnka (chapel) in the forest, Košice
Thanksgiving greetings from the Arnolds in Slovakia!  This marks now the second Thanksgiving holiday we've been away from our family in the States. It’s a bit emotionally tough.  But, while it's no substitute for a hug, video chatting online with friends and family does make the distance a bit more bearable.
The days are getting colder and shorter, with sunrise at about six thirty and setting by four thirty. It gets dark even sooner because our city lies in a valley.
The forested hills were spectacularly aflame with autumn until just this last Tuesday when the first hard freeze and wind snuffed out the last of the leaves. At the height of fall Natalie and I went on a long, chilly bike ride with a couple from the church, Slavo and Kveta, the parents of Peter (the leader of the church here in Košice . The Červený Kláštor (Red Monastery) national park hosts a bike trail through a river gorge in the Tatras mountains on the Slovak/Polish border. It was Natalie’s first 25+ mile bike ride.