Hi everyone! We arrived safe and sound in Bratislava early Monday morning, after a thankfully easy and unremarkable flight and entry through customs. We have currently been staying with Roman Halamicek, our fellow co-worker and adventurer. He has been our angel and helper in finding a reasonable flat for us - within our budget and in a good location, easy for people we meet and invite for supper to find and access. We remain hopeful and eager to get started, despite the heartache of leaving all we know and love. Yet we are thankful for the Lord giving us this opportunity. We continue to ask for prayers for adjustment at the moment. Currently I am meditating on Psalm 86. Thank you! -- N 


08/19/2014 9:43am

glad to hear it, y'all

05/25/2016 3:01pm

I want to say thanks for these updates of May and i really like the place in that first picture. Because that is awesome place as we can see in other pictures and that group photo is also very nice.

05/30/2016 7:26pm

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01/15/2017 11:07pm

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I think we can meet each other in the May. I plan to move to Bratislava.


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