We have been in Slovakia for a little over one month, which I can hardly believe. With the enormous help of members of the Church in Bratislava, we have acquired our own flat, Internet and cell phones. We won't be using a vehicle of our own for a while as public transport is very efficient here (but difficult to get used to!). We are currently in the process of acquiring our visas and plan to start language school tomorrow.

The church here is small but strong. There are up to twenty that attend in Bratislava (BA), Slovakia's capital. There is a smaller congregation in Košice, a city about six hours away. There is also a family that worships in Banská Bystrica (BB). Our plan is to primarily encourage and support the Church in BA, but to also travel bi-monthly to support those in Košice and BB.

A couple of Sundays ago, we had a productive meeting with the leaders of the Church in BA to discuss their expectations of us and our expectations of them. One of the main goals would be to adapt to Slovak culture, especially the language. This will be quite a challenge, but we are committed to it as we believe it will help us speak to the hearts of Slovaks even better, and thus help sow the seed of the Word better. We also plan to open our new home as often as we can for Church gatherings and studies, and are open to teaching Bible classes in English to those that are interested not only in learning Scripture but honing their English speaking skills as well. Natalie plans to get as involved as she can in especially supporting the ladies of the Church, in whatever ways are needed. 

We are terribly grateful for everyone's prayers and support.

Prayer Requests:
  • Growth of the Church
  • Strengthened unity of the Church across Slovakia
  • A sweet couple in the Church in BA, who are expecting their first child late November
  • For us to absorb the Slovak language quickly and easily


kay hurst
09/19/2014 11:25pm

We miss both of you a lot but know you will be very successful in spreading God's word. Prayers for you!! Love you!!

11/12/2015 12:54am


11/12/2015 1:47am

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09/22/2016 3:51pm

I will pray for you! And not only! Praying is healing!

01/11/2017 1:39pm

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What do you request from God this time? Do you feel blessed?


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