The view from New Hospital, Kosice

Dear friends and family,

Adelaide (Adelka) Noy Arnold was born in Kosice, Slovakia on 19th August 2016, measuring in at 21.25 inches and 8 pounds 3 ounces. We could not be prouder, nor could we be more grateful for all of your prayers and encouragement. Nat spent 11 days in the hospital this month: first, a four day visit on account of preeclampsia before Adelka was born, then on her second visit, three days to allow labor to happen naturally and then four more to recuperate following delivery. Despite the frustration due to culture shock, hospital policy and procedures, and the language barrier, Nat and Addie received the best of care. Nevertheless, there was much rejoicing once they were cleared to leave and come home. Bella, our Westie, is very curious of the new, strange looking member of her pack and has designated herself as Addie's guard dog. We are very in love with our Adelaide and are eager to begin the next new chapter with her. There has been lots of learning and getting to know each other. 

Vitaj (Welcome), Addie!

Otherwise, relative to the past nine in Košice, the past two months have been rather slow going for the Arnolds in Slovakia. The summertime has dampened down our outreach, with so many of our regular students and friends traveling on extended vacations. At the same time, it's given us an opportunity to fortify other relationships. And this slow period has given Jordan a chance to do some renovation work on the English Bible Study Center, which doubles as the congregation's meeting place. It was much overdue. And work like painting walls and weeding out sidewalk cracks and window cleaning is good for the sake of seeing the instant results of one's labors.

Having now begun to preach in Slovak, it takes Jordan considerably much more time each week to prepare messages. But this transition has been gratefully received by the congregation. We have been richly blessed with friends in this congregation who go above and beyond to help us in various ways, especially now. 

We're getting very excited about the arrival of a Let's Start Talking team to Košice in two weeks; we continue to work with Eastern European Missions and use the resources and books sent to us for LST. On the heels of their visit are scheduled to arrive Larry Keele and Marvin Trice from Champions CoC in Houston for a two week visit in October. Ahead of this we've run a targeted ad campaign on Facebook garnering participants for the English Language Bible program. In a short amount of time we have garnered a lot of interest. 

God allowing, we hope to be on furlough to the US for a couple of months beginning in November or December. The exact time-frame and schedule isn't in stone just now, as we have to arrange citizenship and passport documents for Adelaide as well as reapply for Slovak residency ourselves. We ask for your prayers that we meet the necessary requirements smoothly and in a timely manner as we wade through the red tape as well as for the success of the LST program. 

Thank you, once more, for your prayers and support and love. God bless you richly. 

Yours in Christ,
& Adelaide


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